Lev's Wish List

(as of 1/2/2006)

Shameless, I know, but I wish everyone had one! Especially those hard-to-buy-for loved ones and friends.

NOTE: Most of the movies, books and music I'd like is on my wish list at Amazon. See below for other stuff...

If you need my shipping address, send me an email!
If you want to keep it a surprise, send my wife an email!

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Also, look for the > icon marking special favorites!


The best place to buy games locally is Rainy Day Games in Aloha. If you can't get there, you can follow the links to order online through Funagain Games.


For books, please check my wish list at Amazon - but buy it at Powells if you can.


For CDs, see my wish list at Amazon


For DVDs, please see my wish list at Amazon.


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